Sunday, 4 June 2017

Battle Report 25: Caine3 vs Xerxis1

Greetings and salutations, lightning riders!

I'm not getting many games in. I've gotten a few which I have not written about - two more of Stryker1 SD vs Retribution (Ossyan, Rahn) which I won, a Haley3 into Magnus2 which I sadly lost, and then this one versus Xerxis1. After this I also played Haley2 into Harkevich, but I didn't take pictures so no report from that one.

This game was in SR17 CID, so it's a quite a few weeks old. We played Breakdown. 

- Hurricane
- Ace 
- Stormclad
- 2 chargers
- Squire
- Firefly
Arlan Strangewayes

I proxied a bit: Caine3 was represented by Caine2 and applicable B13 models, the hunter was Ace and a grenadier was a charger. Stormwall was the Hurricane, obviously.

Rickard piloted the Skorne.

- Krea
- Bronzeback
- Gladiator
- Agonizer
- Cyclops Savage (or maybe Brute..)
Max Cetratii with Vorkesh
Max Swordsmen with UA
Mortitheurge Willbreaker
Min Beasthandlers

I win the roll and want to choose sides. This game happened a while ago, so I don't remember the exact turns either of us scored CP. 

 Nothing much to say about deployment. Forest in the middle of the table will likely help me as much as than hinder me, considering Mage Sight can off set it to a large degree.
Post both players' turn 1: Nothing particular has happened. I advanced Ace to take a Trick Shot at the Savage and try to kill the Willbreaker, but I do no damage to either. 
Post both players' turn 2: Sadly I moved Ace close enough to be charged by said Savage. I honestly didn't even consider Skorne going that far. Ace dies. Nevertheless, at this point I've killed Xerxis. Mage Sight and Black Penny allows the Hurricane to shoot Xerxis, and through krea and 1 camp this is enough. I think I got Calamity up too, but it's so long ago I'm not sure.
We do a semi re-rack: I don't kill Xerxis and go for attrition instead. At this point I've countered by having the Stormclad kill the Savage. I've feated (and used Mage Sight) to kill the Krea, the agonizer, Vorkesh and the couple of Swordsmen jamming me. The Swordsmen UA toughs the Charger shooting it. 
The two lights screening the Hurricane has been dinged up (in the Charger's case) a bit, or been killed (as the Firefly) by the Cetratii. They did hold off the Bronzeback a turn so that's no matter. With Xerxis feat and Fury, the Swordsmen charged the Stormclad. The UA living allows them to Power Swell (and charge at all, due to Relentless Charge) and two of them kill the Stormclad. 

In my turn I answer by killing a couple of Cetratii after landing Calamity on them, and many of the Swordsmen. Since Xerxis has gone in to help his Cetratii kill the firefly, I could've killed Xerxis again this turn (we roll it out), but I chicken out. 
The Hurricane has tanked the Bronzeback at this picture, and a couple of attacks from other stuff too. Xerxis has decided to camp a lot so I probably couldn't kill him here. The Hurricane has instead killed Cetratii and done 12 to the Bronzeback. I'm scoring both side zones by now. 
This is the end of the game. I score my last needed CP with the Squire and Arlan charge in to contest the middle zone. Caine, Watts and Junior did 19 points and killed the Bronzeback. Calamity and boosted shots is incredible! 

Victory to Cygnar!

Well, twice (almost three times) really. Final score 8-2 I believe. We felt the scoring differential needed to win was a bit too high. Whilst Rickard didn't exactly have a list built to capitalise on scenario openings, we both felt I committed too much to the scenario early turns. 

Caine3 was surprisingly strong. I was inspired to try him after discussions with other Cygnar players, and I'm pleasantly proven wrong on his viability. I'm still not sure he's way in the top with the great Cygnar casters. The charger spam variant I've yet to try. I actually don't think I will - either it's as strong as some say and then it'll get taken care of eventually in the dynamic updates, wasting my money, or it's not and it's a waste of my money anyway.

I think my memory of this game was close to good enough. I would need to take pictures after each player's turn to get great battle reports. 

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