Tuesday, 29 October 2019

A return


by now this will most likely only be a blog for my own sake. I am still playing warmahordes (even been to two WTCs since last writing, finished 7th and 14th respectively). This last year it's been Circle Orboros, now when I play WMH it'll be back to Cygnar with Flame in the Darkness being released.

However, I expect most of my gaming time to be focused on Warhammer 40k for the forseeable future. If nothing else, this blog will be focused on it. I last played 40k back before I started playing WMH (which was in 2012). I have missed the models and the look of the game, but not the rules and the gameplay back I don't miss. What has happened since then, apparently, is that GW has really improved in both rules-writing and community engagement, and the models are even prettier. And PP has, well, not been doing as great. More than anything the community is shrinking and I want people to play with.

As a result I'm giving 40k another go! My closest friend never made the switch and is still playing. A little while after I became really good at warmahordes he apparently became great at Warhammer, so I expect I'll get crushed a lot in the beginning.

I'll be playing Primaris Space Marines. I'm not sure yet what chapter I'll play but from what I can gather Iron Hands are very strong, so maybe a successor chapter to them, or to the Ultramarines. I have played rather different types of lists in Warmahordes, and liked both defensive gunlines and aggressive melee armies. Typically I have been drawn to faster, pretty tricky armies though. Maybe Raven Guard could be something to go for? 

So far I haven't got much: 15 intercessors, 3 aggressors, a lieutenant and a phobos librarian. As far as possible I want to stick to Primaris marines -- they're simply stunning. 

I hope to get that stuff painted soon, and also try playing a few games versus Johan (borrowing his models a fair bit).

This is my librarian, he looks incredibly cool. This is sadly mostly not due to anything I've done - he's just a badass.

Thanks for now!

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