Wednesday, 24 August 2016

An introduction

Greetings and salutations!

If you’ve found this blog you’re probably a fan of Privateer Press’ game systems Warmachine & Hordes, as I am. I have played warmahordes for over three years now, beginning to take it seriously something like fifteen months ago. I’ve grown into a competent player, albeit with a bit left to the absolute top. I’ve been suggested that making an effort to record and analyse my games could help me climb that extra bit needed to truly become a contender for the big games.

When I first got into warmahordes I picked up a Cygnar battle box, keen to get into robots and trenchers and storm knights. This was Mk 2; luckily I read up a bit before I started buying more. I played Cygnar for a bit, before the call of Ethrunbal became overpowering and I got into Legion of Everblight. For the bigger parts of Mk 2 Legion was my faction of choice, with smaller periods of Cygnar or Protectorate of Menoth. December 2015 I picked my Cygnar back up – in part a tactical choice since the list of presumptive players for WTC 2016 was filled with people who could pilot the dragonspawn better than I could – and I’m very glad that I did. Haley3 was (and still is) the most fun warcaster in the game so far, and I had gotten enough better to make good use of other casters in the Cygnar stable, such as Haley2.

My first warmachine model. I hadn't learned how to take non-blurry pictures yet.

When Mk 3 has rolled around I decided I was to stick to Cygnar as long as I could. I’m generally struggling with sticking to a faction for a longer while, but considering how fun Cygnar has become in Mk 3 I’m having less problems than I used to. That being said, later in the autumn I will likely dabble in Retribution of Scyrah a little bit.
So that’s for a rambling beginning. My next post is likely going to briefly talk about the games I have played so far in Mk 3 and following that I will try to provide battle reports and similar from the games I play after that.


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