Saturday, 7 January 2017

Haley3 and the Errata

As everybody who reads WMH-blogs know by now, the errata was released just before Christmas. Being a Haley3-fan I considered writing some about how the errata affected Haley3, but there is not really a lot to say. I didn't expect Haley3 to get changed, instead hoping they remove the echoes' ability to contest in SR17, and she didn't. 

Assuming that I would be correct about that, I thought Haley3 would get comparatively buffed - throws would get hit because they were obviously fucked up and Haley3 skewing DEF so hard would as a result become an even happier camper. It was sort of correct, throws are worse now, but seeing how clumped up Haley3-lists often play there's sadly often going to be Cygnar models close enough to her for your opponent to have a good model to throw at her. Nevertheless, it's going to be harder than just running a model there so it's a small buff to her anyway. 

As for the other models being changed in the errata, Ossyan and the Karchev Mad Dogs list are the main problems being removed from the meta. Ossyan I think was playable (though I never got to try it) but Karchev Kennel was probably not so that's a good change. By now I think Haley3 plays well into anything Khador can come up with (at least everything I've seen), but maybe Zerkova1 or Vlad2 can build something to trouble the Queen.

Other than that, not much new for me. Here's to hoping Haley3 survives SR17 too!

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