Friday, 6 January 2017

The year in review - 2016

Greetings and salutations, boys in blue!

2016 was a good year for me in warmachine world. I won some smaller tournaments, placed well in big ones, was chosen for Sweden's third team in WTC and placed 11th in said tournament. I played Cygnar almost exclusively for the entire year too, which is a big thing for a (former?) faction hopper like me. And the last tournament I played was a very enjoyable team tournament in which my team ran Haley1-Haley2-Haley3 and won, to really hammer in who the top dog is. 

As for the number of games I played, the year was less impressive. I managed to rack up a total of 84 games played during 2016, which is fewer than many top tier players do and definitely too few for me to continue to increase my skill in a good pace. 

Nevertheless, the games were good. I've played almost solely Haley2 and Haley3 both in mk2 and mk3. 

38 games of mk2: 29-9
46 games of mk3: 32-14

For a total of 61-23 W/L record over the year, with many good opponents. Not too shabby. 

The lists themselves, and I'm focusing on mk3 here since that is what feels relevant, have been very good. I've felt slightly disadvantaged versus Circle and Mad Dogs, but not much else. The pairing got me to at least even versus everything else in my experience. Not only that, I often felt upon choosing lists that either of mine would give me an advantage versus either of theirs. Whether that is a result of faction imbalance or just that my lists are better developed than my opponents' is hard to say - a mixture likely. Cygnar has a very active community nowadays where ideas spread quickly and are improved upon. I guess the only negative thing with the Cygnar community is that Jarle's ideas (and perhaps Scandinavia in general's) have a profound effect on Cygnar players all over the globe. This is fine as long as Jarle knows what he's doing, though, and that doesn't look to change.

For next year I'm going to continue playing Haley3 for as long as I can before she gets changed (I still believe echoes should not contest scenario elements for the best of the game) but maybe change up her buddy. I'm really keen to try Nemo3 after talking to Jarle and some other Cygnar players about him (see I'm doing it too!) so hopefully I can get a chance to do that sometime soon.

As for goals for 2017, I'm not sure. 2016 I had the goal to beat current and former WTC-players, which I now have done a fair bit. I will probably not apply to the WTC teams for personal and financial reasons, though it was an incredible experience and I really enjoyed the preparation work too. 

I would like to win a big, national tournament in Sweden so I guess that will be my goal. If I can get top 10 on the Swedish ranking system that would be swell as well, but more than anything I think I will set a goal to get 100 games in during 2017. It's going to be tough, sadly, since I'll be spending a lot of time away from home due to my university studies sending me to small hospitals all around southern Sweden. Anyway, a goal is a goal is a goal :)

Painting wise I'm less impressive.. I finally finished my Haley3 unit lately, after playing her base coated for almost a year. I have to repaint my Stormwall too eventually (it was bought second hand already painted). 

A short mention of the errata - I'm slightly disappointed. I had hoped for more changes, it feels like there are more obvious problem models than those addressed, and more than anything I would have hoped for some more buffs to bad models. 

This post is probably of no use to anyone else, but it helps me gather my thoughts, or something.

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